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Welcome to 3D's new Library Blog!  We hope to add new posts at least once a week for you to read. Things we will post about: Book recommendations  Reading events Library contests AR Information Before you read on, we need to make sure that you follow a few guidelines when you are browsing the blog in class: The blog is meant to be read independently . If you want to chat about it with  us or your friends, please don't do so in class, find a different time.  You may only go to links that are suggested to you on the blog . If you click on something else from one of the links, you might not end up on the correct website. Stay on the linked pages! Use headphones  when watching videos. We will occasionally post videos - if you choose to view them in class, please use your headphones. And, if you need to go into your bag to get your headphones, ask first. :) Thank you for following the guidelines above. And, happy reading! ***************** For our