Book Orders!

We have more exciting news in the library today!

We are passing out Scholastic Book Orders in class this week!

Here is some important info you need to know about the book orders:

  1. Please return your book order with cash only. NO Checks please!
  2. Book Orders are due: May 1, 2018
  3. Here are the times you can turn in your book order:
    1. M-F during homeroom (with a pass from your HR teacher)
    2. Mon/Tues during Library Class
    3. * Please don't turn in book orders Wed/Thur during your library class. We don't have time to accept and check orders. Thank you and sorry!
Also, did you know that you can order Scholastic Books online? Our class code for 3D is: RVG94

Note: If you want to order Scholastic books online, please do so at home with an adult (you need a credit card). Please don't look for books at Scholastic during Library class or at school. It isn't a good use of Library/class time. Thank you!


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